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News, releases and announcements – June 2014

June 10, 2014

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This is one the first blog posts we write concerning improvements and changes in our platform, and we must say, we are extremely excited to let you guys know about them.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Since our platform launched, we have been working hard on developing at a faster pace and releasing new features for you to enjoy. Thanks to all the feedback and active use of several tournament organizers worldwide we have received a lot of feedback. Lots of it comes from Carlos Garcia apadel tournament organizer from Caracas, Venezuela. We want to take the opportunity to thank him for his support and use, let’s keep those tournaments rolling!

You can see how Carlos Garcia used Noombers to make his tournament more connected and organized by clicking here.

A short list of things that have changed in Noombers,

  • Minor changes in front page design, now the registration and login boxes are more obvious thanks to the feedback from Daniël Heesen who gave us some great UX pointers all the way from Groningen, the Netherlands. Thank you very much!   1
  • Moreover, a new notifications inbox has been incorporated, now, inviting people to join your tournament or team is easier as making two clicks, hurray!2
  • Tournament creation has been slightly modified to work best when creating tournaments, if it’s the first time you create a season or cup it jumps directly to the creation screen.3
  • We have added the world cup to Noombers, not with the intention of making you follow up on the happenings of the event but rather to show the functionality of the platform from a practical point of view. It
    takes FIFA months to organize it, it took us 15 minutes to set it up. Skeptical? give it a try yourself!4
  • Moreover, we have a recent addition to our team: Florian Beijers who will be giving us a hand with programming and keeping our code tidy and more than anything bringing great vibes to the team, with this blog we officially welcome you to the team Florian! Thanks for joining our cause!

Last but not least, enjoy sporting and keep an eye on us for new releases and improvements!