Most Innovative Idea of Gelderland!

July 2, 2014

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For all of you that followed up on our last blog post  you probably already know that we were taking part in a pitching event called launch platform“the best idea of Gelderland”. After a long 6 hour session of talking to around 250 people and competing against 30 great startups from the region we were chosen to be one of the 10 companies to pitch. Our Carlitos Virreira took the opportunity to share the Noombers concept within 3 minutes and in that time he managed to communicate the WHY of the platform, as well as some results and giving credit to the team.

After the last pitch was presented it was time to make some decisions, and the jury, namely Wilco Schoonderbel from PPM Oost, Hein van der Pasch from Mercator Incubator and Martin Vreman from Rabobank  had to choose the best startup, their assessment criteria was simple, choose the startup that has:

1. the most innovative idea
2. the most potential
3. the most feasible (in other words, something that is accomplishable)

After long deliberation they chose Noombers as being the most innovative idea of Gelderland! We were and still are incredibly happy with this achievement, it is a big milestone for us, a validation of our time, well spent so far!

We managed to receive a lot of publicity as well as a monetary reward provided by Rabobank.

Needless to say, we could have not accomplished this without the support of our pioneer users, we want to take this award as a token of gratitude towards you for trusting us and motivating us to continue developing, marketing and working hard every day.

Let this be the first of many!

Again, thank you for your amazing support!

Noombers Team