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How to create an Ultimate Frisbee tournament / league

February 26, 2015

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Holding an ultimate frisbee cup tournament/league can help build the reputation of your local team or club, recruit new members and just be a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. The big picture involves finding a place to hold the event, having a basic budget in place and finding competitors for the tournament.

Here at Noombers, we love tournaments and leagues. That is why we created the most user friendly tool to organize and manage tournaments. We cannot make sure that everyone joins our platform and uses our tool, but we can share our knowledge on the best practices so everyone (no matter if they are on Noombers or not) can enjoy a well organized tournament/league.

Enjoy the list and if you feel we are missing something important, please let us know in the comments below!


4 to 6 months before tournament/league

  • Set a responsible person ( tournament coordinator ) / set up consortium (working team) for the organization
  • Schedule a date for tournament to take place
  • Possibly request from the municipality/city to provide a field
  • Check field whether requirements are met, upgrade if necessary
  • Search for partners: -for the organization (other clubs to support) -for finances (sponsors , local businesses to sponsor)
  • Write letters/invitations to send teams
  • Design tournament applications for participating teams
  • Collect and record data of participating teams (overview of messages)
  • Create a game schedule and design side events
  • After Registration: Request referees from federation and invite those refs
  • Maybe setup a separate account with the local bank or with association (consultation with the Treasurer)
  • Organization of : caterers / helpers / first aid
  • Create invitation letter and publish (for public, press and teams)
  • Beginning with the public relations (eg press release , posters , handouts, website of the association , radio advertising , etc.)

2 to 3 months before the tournament/league

  • Obtain information on Catering
  • Negotiate discounts with local hotels for anyone in the tournament (via capn_untsahts)
  • Commercial vendors ( stalls , drink stalls , barbecue trolleys, etc. )
  • Organize internal support ( serving , cake donations , labor services)
  • Select possible side program points:( Children’s Games, Music )
  • Press release for the tournament : date , participants , prices , social program , etc.
  • Organize prizes and trophies (buy them)

1 month before the tournament/league

  • Check for required materials (discs, bibs, etc.)
  • Design second letter to participants (with exact tournament schedule and program )
  • Create and send it to the participating clubs
  • Assign tasks to helpers and supervisor (work/create schedule)
  • Order drinks (drinks wholesale o . etc. .)

1 week before the tournament/league

  • Invite local press to the tournament
  • Ensure first aid supplies
  • Check organization of catering:
  • Commercial suppliers (Electricity and water)
  • Check delivery of materials (food, prices, etc) and sort those deliveries
  • Check for internal support (food donations, work plan, etc)
  • Check payments (if necessary write reminders or invite new participants)
  • Solve financial issues remaining
  • Support infrastructure: Electricity, Walter, Tournament support, Sound-system, Field, etc

During the tournament

  • Welcome and support teams (changing rooms , passport control , beverage , tournament schedule , if necessary questionnaires for later evaluation)
  • Allocate helpers (first aid, serving drinks, sales, tournament management)
  • Care for special guests and referees
  • Manage gaming operation and the ward ceremony
  • Payment of the referees
  • Farewell for teams

After the tournament

  • Evaluation of the tournament with stakeholders
  • Accounting of expenses for the organization ( Postage, telephone etc. )
  • Final Report of the Finance (revenue / expenditure)
  • Send final report for the press

Potential topics for after evaluation

  • Flow of the tournament (on and off the court )
  • Finances ( revenue and expenditure )
  • Resonance of Public Relations
  • Analysis of the questionnaires ( of teams )
  • Conclude 5 suggestions for the next tournament

You can do all of this by yourself, or just use Noombers and let our platform guide you through the process and take care of the rest!

Again, if you feel that we missed something in this list, please make sure to let us know by sharing your thoughts on the comment section below!