Noombers Declared Startup of the Week by NRC in The Netherlands

July 16, 2014

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Each week the NRC newspaper writes about remarkable startups with a great amount of scaling potential. We are very proud to announce that Noombers has received their attention and therefore pronounced as “startup of the week”.

Their article covers the basics of the platform, such as mentioning which pain or problem we are trying to fix.

We are here to help people organize better tournaments

They also mention the different target groups that can have great benefit from our platform.

These people are, Tournament Organizers, Team Managers, Team Delegates, Players and last but not least, Fans.

A short description about Noombers business model is explained

Free platform with Premium features for power users (Freemium)

Short notice on financial situation

Won award for best business idea of Gelderland, currently preparing to start looking for investors who are fit to help them spread the word about their scalable platform and idea

Last but not least, a little piece about where we differenciate from other companies

Noombers addresses not only the pain of organizing tournaments, the messy nature of them but also the need for players to keep their sports life tidy and accountable in a platform, their own “linkedin” but for sports.

If you are interested in getting a hold of the article you can get it from NRC website or printed version


So what are you waiting for?

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